1. National Program – Local Care:

As an ISO national client, you will enjoy the best of both worlds. A national program that provides consistent product, pricing, service, and reporting for your entire business. Each of your locations across the country will be serviced by a dedicated local account manager who will support the local needs of your business while maintaining the consistency and protocols of your national program.

2. Flexibility:

ISO does not offer 'one off the shelf' program. We are privately held and have the flexibility to create a unique program for each client designed around the clients needs.

3. One Point of Contact:

As a national client of ISO, you will have one point of contact (National Account Executive) to manage all aspects of your business with ISO. Your National Account Executive will work with you on every aspect of your program and be responsible to ensure that we deliver consistent results. Whatever your needs are, you only have one person to contact for solutions.

4. Best Brands:

ISO represents the best manufacturing brands (click here to view our vendor listing) in our industry. We provide a complete range of cleaning products and equipment that covers all categories (click here to view our Product Line card). We provide a variety of brand choices to best suit your specific needs.

5. Logistics:

ISO operate twenty seven stocked distribution centres (click here to view our location listing) from Victoria BC to St.John's Nfld. ISO has local inventory to support your needs anywhere in Canada.

6. Program/Product Rollouts:

We are experts in managing product and program rollouts. When a new product or a new program needs to be introduced, we will develop an agreed to implementation plan with our national client. You National Account Executive will ensure that all ISO resources implement the plan with consistency.

7. Training & Troubleshooting:

Our ninety plus account managers located across Canada will assist your local staff with any training and troubleshooting related to your business with ISO. This would include introducing a new product, demonstration on use of a product or piece of cleaning equipment, troubleshooting problems with your staff or appointed building service contractor, or assisting with an emergency. If you need us, we will be there for you.

8. Reporting:

ISO provides a robust menu of reports that enable both ISO and our clients to analyze spend and identify opportunities to leverage your national volume to obtain the best national pricing. ISO can customize reporting to our clients needs. Reports can be accessed via our website or delivered via email.

9. National Pricing:

ISO national clients have the option of a national or regional pricing structure. As a national company with annual revenues that exceed $150M, we leverage our spend to ensure that we purchase at the best levels of cost. We are also members of a national purchasing group with combined revenues in excess of $1B that enhance our direct vendor deals and give us access to products outside our traditional cleaning products bundle. The bottom line is that no other distributor buys better than ISO.

10. Business Reviews:

ISO conducts regular planned business reviews that assist our clients in analyzing the spend and service elements of our business with you. We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve our business together.

11. Innovation & Technology:

We constantly search out the market for the latest in product and process innovation. As an ISO national client, you can depend on us to make you aware of the latest technology and innovation related to cleaning, supplies and equipment that can help you increase productivity and lower your costs.

12. Sustainability:

Whether you are targeting BOMA Best or Leed accreditation or simply wish to purchase and use 'green products' that are safer for people and our environment, ISO can recommend and help you select the right products. We can also help you track their use with customized 'green' or 'sustainability' reports that will provide ongoing measurement to desired objectives.

13. How to Order:

ISO national clients have several options to place their orders. Options include telephone (local ISO office or national 800 office), email, fax, walk in (retail locations), website or catalog punch out.

14. Invoicing:

ISO national clients have options for invoicing. Options include individual invoices/payment with each order to summarized monthly invoices with one payment. Our standard payment terms are Net 30 days. Payments can be received via cheque or eft (electronic funds transfer).

15. E-commerce:

ISO's web based e-commerce solution offers the following features and benefits to our national clients.

16. Equipment Purchase/Lease Programs:

ISO provides our national clients with convenient purchasing options for capital equipment. As an ISO national client, you have the choice of purchasing equipment outright or through a structured lease program depending upon which approach works best for your budget requirements.

17. Equipment Service:

ISO has twenty seven equipment repair centres across Canada with a team of over forty factory trained technicians and mechanics that can repair and help you maintain your equipment. ISO inventories parts for all major brands of equipment. We also provide mobile equipment service.

18. Specialty Products:

In addition to the standard range of cleaning products and related equipment (click here to view our Product Line Card), ISO can provide other product categories such as safety, food packaging, lighting, material handling etc to expand the bundle offering greater convenience to our national clients.

19. WHMIS:

ISO will ensure your people who have a need to know understand WHMIS regulations as it relates to cleaning products and related equipment.

20. MSDS:

ISO will ensure that your people have access to current MSDS data for all related products that you purchase from ISO.

21. ISO Ownership:

All ISO national clients have direct access to the ownership level of our company.

22. Made in Canada:

ISO and its distribution partners are all 'made in Canada'. We are Canadians, we understand Canadians, and we understand Canadian business. Ps…we love hockey too.